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Services and Rates

Kriya is a very relaxing massage that uses spirals, circles, and figure eights to create a continuous energy flow.   This relieves tension and improves circulation, giving you rejuvenated, balanced feeling for mind, body, and spirit!                                   

        60 mins. $80.00     30 mins.$45.00    90 mins. $110.00                           

Reiki -a "Hands on Healing” although it may be administered a few inches away from the body. Hospitals sometimes use Reiki when working on Burn and Cancer patients.  The energy gives a warm relaxed feeling and the healing takes place on many different levels: mentally, physical, and emotional.  Reiki helps to balance the body’s energy, align and open chakras.  $75.00 (60mins).                      

Chair Massage $1.00 per/min.  (15 min. minimum)

Sports/Muscle Release Therapy- Especially helpful for marathon runners, cyclists, Pro/semi-pro athletes or after strenuous physical activity.  This massage utilizes stretching and repetitive use and injury techniques improve range of motion, improve blood circulation and flexibility, to maintain peak performance. 60 mins $85.00  90 mins $115.00

Deep Tissue- This massage incorporates moderate to deep pressure.    A therapeutic use of slower strokes to work deeper layers of muscle fibers releasing deep seated adhesions and muscle tension 60 mins $85.00 90 mins $115.00

Mini facial Therapy-A Luxurious 30min.experience.cleans,exfoliate ,anti-aging masque, steamed towels and hydrating moisturizer $50. 00 (add to 60 min. massage $125.00)                 

Prenatal Massage Therapy- $85.00

Body Polish- Citrus polish gently exfoliates while botanical blends nourish your skin.  The residue is removed by moist heated towels opening your pores and softening your skin.  Finally, a body luxurious Orange-Vanilla body butter is applied to hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth a radiant glow.  30 mins. $50.00  (add 60 min. massage $105.00

Warm Soy Candle Massage-   Upon entering  your room, you will breath in the fabulous aroma of the lite soy candle you have chosen for your Massage(Spring Strawberry, Summer Peach, or Tropical Pina Colada.)  Your body being relaxing from the sent before you on the table.   After massaging the scalp, neck and shoulders ,the Therapist will slowly pour some of the warm melted soy onto your arm and hand massaging it slowly into your skin with long relaxing Kriya strokes.  This process will be repeated while massaging your legs, and finally your back leaving You will feel warm, relaxed,and connected.                              60 mins.$85.00       90 mins$105.00

Inter-grated Reflexology - add to a one hour massage extra attention is applied at points on the hands, feet, & ears, that correspond to various organs & systems throughout the body. Applying pressure & reflexology techniques with the intention of eliminating toxins & blockages, thought to produce pain or disease. The goal is to bring the body into balance 90 mins $110.00.    Reflex on just hands and feet 30 mins. $45.00 (with Hot Stones $55.00)

Hot Stone Therapy - Himalayan & Basalt stone heated to 126' are used to massage the muscles coaxing them to quickly soften & relax, this allows the therapist to work deeper into the tissue. For this unique experience of warmth & relaxation.             60 mins $135.00   90 mins $160.00. Great on Cold Winter Days!  ( Not recommend for pregnant women)

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