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Dear Claire,


Let's Meet on Facebook

I want to remind you that starting this Sunday 2/19 @7pm, I will be on Facebook Live! talking about horse-logic. Set your calendar.


In this episode, I share meaningful insights I learned from a horse during my animal communication sessions.  This gelding confirmed ... balancing your horse's Chakras is really important and beneficial.


So, if you like an animal induced Sunday Inspiration ... tune in 7pm ET this coming Sunday, February 19th on Facebook Live: "Pet Logic - See the world through your pet's eyes to understand the logic + love they have for you." (click to get to my FB page).


This weeks topic is Why Are Chakra Balances So Important For Horses, 

especially if they live in a winter climate.  :::

Let's Meet In Person

On March 4th and 5th I am at the Winslow Riding Center in Warwick, NY for the first Meet Your Horse In the Now talk and workshop this year. 

Want to join us?

If the above image speaks to you, then sign up for the talk and workshop on March 4th and 5th, 2017. 

Contact Cathe via email: cathe@winslow.org or call: 845-986 6686 to register for the talk and workshop. It will shift you into the present moment and change the therapy horses lives. (1+6 PATH CE's)


Let's Meet In Person

Have you considered booking an animal communication session? It can help you solve many questions about your animal. 

Why doesn't your horse love his paddock mate?

How does your older dog feel about his aging body?

Why does your cat talk so much?

Animal Communication Offers Clarity


Head over to my website to learn more and book a reading. A lot of information can be exchanged in our 40 minute session ($50). 

"Nicole, it feels so good to have some validation."~ Susan K.

Can't wait to mindfully connect with you.


Nicole Birkholzer
Equine Advocate
Animal Communicator
Speaker + Author
Founder Mindful Connections©


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